Ken's EPA Testimony

EPA TESTIMONY – November 18, 2009

Four hundred years ago educated Europeans strongly disagreed as to what determined scientific knowledge. Was it statements by authorities such as Aristotle or religious leaders? Or was it physical evidence as advocated by Galileo.

Since then, the miracle of Western science was built on the dictum that
Science must never ignore physical evidence.

Unfortunately, the EPA has reverted to Medieval science.

The EPA has failed to present any compelling physical evidence that man’s emissions of Greenhouse Gases caused the 20
th Century warming. Instead, it has relied on the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and its faulty computer models that are biased, obsolete, and wrong.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide continues to rise, but the globe stopped warming over a decade ago. The science used by the EPA cannot explain why.

Prior to the formation of the IPCC, it was widely realized by those who studied the physical evidence that the earth’s climate is constantly changing. Since the last Ice Age, there have been periods of warming and cooling, the most striking warm period, at least for the Northern Hemisphere, was one of over 3,000 years when it was about 5 degrees F warmer than today. These scientists concluded that, generally, warm periods were beneficial to humanity and cold periods harmful.

This physical evidence has continued to grow enormously, yet it is ignored or dismissed by the EPA.

The earth’s climate is subject to natural variation the EPA ignores. The oceans have natural oscillations which the EPA ignores. In the first part of the 20
th Century, there were four major disappearances of Arctic ice which the EPA ignores. The most powerful force in the Solar System, the Sun, upon which the Earth’s climate depends, is changing in ways the EPA never considered even though observations of such changes have been made since Galileo pointed his telescope towards the sun.

These and other physical evidence ignored by the EPA and the IPCC are discussed in two reports by the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change: the 2008 Summary; “Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate;” and the extensive 2009 report; “Climate Change Reconsidered.”

The EPA regulations before you assume, without physical evidence, that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is harmful to public health and welfare. This assumption is contradicted by the physical evidence. Carbon dioxide is a necessary food for green plants, thus necessary for life on this planet as we generally recognize it. As discussed in the second report, thousands of experiments and observations show that virtually all food crops and green plants thrive better in an atmosphere enriched in carbon dioxide and better resist stress such as draught, or insect attacks. Contrary to EPA claims, Carbon dioxide enrichment, condemned by these regulations, is a benefit to agriculture, humanity, and the planet.

Thank you. I submit these reports as part of my testimony.

Kenneth A. Haapala